Phuket is a world class holiday island and many nice Thai girls are living there. When you met your girl with Flirteezy in Phuket, then it is the next step to take her out. Phuket has many nice places to go for a date. Here are the best locations to go on a date in Phuket.

Visit Wassa Bar in Patong

The Wassa Bar on Patong Hill is the ideal place for a nice date in Phuket. There you find a great scenery and a wonderful atmosphere. You can overlook the whole town of Patong including great sea view as well. The Wassa Bar is in the middle of amazing nature and located outside of the busy tourist town Patong. The best time to come to Wassa Bar in Patong is the sunset, it is just impressing. At Wassa Bar you can enjoy cold drinks and beers, cocktails and fresh fruit shakes.

Visit Phuket Town

Ancient Phuket Town is another nice place to go with your date. In Phuket Town you can find many excellent Thai Food restaurants in a wonderful colonial style environment around Thalang Road. At the weekends there is also a wonderful Night Market (called Lard Yai). There you can find plenty of street food and nice little bars to hang out and enjoy the evening.

Go Clubbing in Patong’s Bangla Road

As we all know, the nightlife in Phuket is amazing and the Bangla Road in Patong is the hotspot for nightlife in South-Thailand. There are plenty of nightclubs and pubs. On Bangla Walking Street you can start your date at a place like „Skylight Rooftop Bar“ and then head out for the night into the clubs like Illuzion, Sugar Club or Tai Pan. The Bangla Road in Patong has to offer everything and Phuket girls are loving it. From bars to restaurants to nightclubs, you can’t go wrong with Bangla Road.

Make a Trip to Eat Seafood in Rawai

Phuket is an island and what would be closer than eating seafood? Take your date down to the small town Rawai. It is well known for its fresh seafood. At the beach promenade in Rawai you can find plenty of open air seafood restaurants. It is a bit pricey but Thai girls will love it!

Go to a nice Restaurant or Beach Club

In Phuket, you are lucky enough to have access to many beautiful restaurants. Take advantage of this and take your date to a good dinner. We can recommend the following places:

  • Somtum Yum Pao
  • Kudo Beach Club
  • Cafe Del Mar
  • Skylight Rooftop Bar on Bangla Road

Whatever cuisine you want to sample, Phuket has almost everything to offer.

Hang out in Jungceylon Shopping Mall

In Phuket you can also find two big world class shopping malls. Malls are in Thailand not only for shopping but more a social place. There are plenty of things to do. You can find stores but also restaurants and entertainment venues there.

A shopping mall is always a good idea for a date in Patong or Phuket Town. So you can watch movies in the cinema and afterwards eat at one of the delicious buffets or restaurants. There are also many coffee-shops with delicious sweets and coffee. No matter what daytime or occasion, malls are offering always the right thing for a date. We recommend to go to Jungceylon Mall in Patong. It is conveniently located directly opposite to Bangla Road. If you have enough of food and malls, you can easily head for some drinks out on Bangla Walking Street.

Now you know where to go for a date in Phuket. Get out there and find your girl with Flirteezy. Enjoy!

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