If you found your match with Flirteezy in Koh Samui already, then it is time for dating. In this blogpost we want to give you some tips where you could go for a date in Koh Samui…


Chaweng is the most important city on Koh Samui. There you find nightlife, beach clubs, a huge shopping mall as well as many night-markets. Going to Chaweng for your first date is always a good idea. There you have plenty of options for a nice and joyful time together.

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Beach Restaurants and Bars

In almost every town on Koh Samui you can find amazing beach bars and restaurants. These places are ideal for a first date on Koh Samui. You can sit at the beach, drink relax and talk, before you make plans for the night out…

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Party in Soi Green Mango or Ark Bar

If you met a younger and more active Thai girl, going out to have party together might be a great idea for a date in Koh Samui. You can find in Chaweng’s Soi Green Mango many pubs and bars. Ark Bar is another cool spot for a date, also located in Chaweng. The beach club offers a great and vibrant atmosphere. You can sip your drinks directly at the beach and enjoy the night out!

Jungle Club Samui

Jungle Club is a nice bar / lounge with one of the most impressive views over Koh Samui island. Take your date there and enjoy the afternoon or sunset together. It will be unforgettable for sure!

Central Shopping Mall in Chaweng

Shopping Malls in Thailand are a place for a great time. There you can find many buffets and restaurants as well as entertainment venues and of course stores for shopping. Thai girls love to visit Shopping Malls and are always having fun there. The best and biggest Shopping-Complex in Koh Samui is the so called „Central Festival“. If you don’t know what else to do, just go there, it is always a great idea for a date in Koh Samui!

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