Your dating profile makes the first impression of yourself. Even if you’re the greatest and prettiest person, online dating will not work for you, if your profile doesn’t shine in a good light. Here are a few tips from us, how you should ideally setup your dating profile.

Colorful and happy

Who likes to be at a funeral service? Probably nobody and the same applies to the dating profile. Gloomy, loveless and sad are exactly the qualities that you should avoid by creating your dating profile. Create your profile in a happy and colorful way. Other users should have a positive experience visiting your profile. Upload holiday pictures, pimp your profile text with emojis and simply give it a nice touch.

This doesn’t only arouse interest but also can awake desire and good memories of the profile viewer. For example, if you post pictures on the beach or in a beautiful environment, this affects the psyche of the viewer and the positive energy is transferred to your profile or the viewer. Would you prefer to be remembered as the beautiful woman with the bikini on the beach or as nerdy woman somewhere in a dark storage room?


Interesting and yet mysterious

Provide a lot of information about yourself in your profile, but don’t reveal too much. You should always appear a bit mysterious. This increases the chat rate enormously. Many other users are then interested in you and want to know more about you.


Express what you want!

Express clearly what you are looking for on Flirteezy. This saves the other party a lot of time and is avoiding annoying questions for you too. People appreciate it, if you clearly state what you are looking for!


Verify your profile

It’s also always a good idea to verify your profile. This confirms that you are not a scammer. Linking your Instagram or Facebook profile also brings you many plus points in building trust.


Post many pictures

Post a lot of pictures in your profile. We found out, that profiles with more than 6 pictures get about 50% more engagement, i.e. chat requests. The right amount of photos in your profile testify to the high quality of your dating profile and are revealing more about yourself.

Invite to chat!

You can also try to encourage your profile visitors to interact with you. How about a teasing question or a prompt at the end of your profile text? This encourages other people to get in touch with you and asking questions via chat. In any case, with a clear request for action or a question that wants to be answered, you will receive significantly more flirts than without!

The following phrases could be used:

  • Just leave me a message!
  • Beer or wine? What do you prefer?
  • Love or one night stand? What would be more important to you?
  • Entertain me and we’ll see!
  • Can you handle me!?


Send us your perfect profile via Facebook or Instagram #bestflirteezyprofile. We select the most beautiful Fliteezy profiles. The winners are getting 7 days Hotlist for free!

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