Thailand is a wonderful country with its own special culture. Even if Thailand is very modern and open to everything new, there are some rules to adhere, especially if you are with a Thai girl in the public. Many Western men make common mistakes when it comes to spending time with Thai girls in public. To avoid awkward moments with your Thai date in public, remind the following rules & tips.

Dress Well

The first impression is everything. Especially in Thailand people value a proper dress code in public. Dress to impress, is what you should do if you are going to date a nice Thai girl. Rather than dressing as though you’re in a holiday resort, remember that you’re not at the beach. Dress smartly, make an effort, and impress as soon as you meet for the evening.

Especially in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya or world class holiday islands like Phuket or Koh Samui you should dress properly if you are wandering around the restaurants and malls in town.


Choose the Right Place

Choose always the right place for your date. If you date a simple Thai girl from the country side, it might be enough to take her to a nice street food restaurant. There she will feel comfortable. If you date a girls from the city or even a hi-so girl, you should try to impress with a nice location instead. Choose a nice sky bar or a good restaurant for the first date. Especially in Thailand the first impression is everything!


Show Interest in the Thai Culture

We always recommend to show interest in the culture of Thailand. As you start to ask more questions and really show interest, she will come out of her shell and also appreciate the fact that you’re willing to learn. Unfortunately, many Western men fail to show interest in Thailand and their amazing culture. They don’t care about the girl, and they don’t care about her country. But keep in mind, no girl wants to date a guy that doesn’t take an interest in her life.


Give Compliments

In Thailand it is pretty common and absolutely nothing wrong with giving your date a compliment. In fact, one of the reasons that many Thai girls prefer Western men is that they like the romantic side compared to Thai guys. Asian women love to get compliments and you can use them in chat as well as in public. The moment you offer a compliment, just sit back and watch as her face lights up. While some will smile and thank you for the compliment, others will start giggling and reacting shy. In summary, they will love it.


Respect Her and Her Wishes

Respect your date. That is the golden rule in Thailand. You should never treat any Thai girl bad, no matter if she is a bargirl or an office worker. You should also respect her wishes and especially if you date a more traditional Thai girl it is pretty common, that she wants to take the things slow. A Girl from a traditional family and background may not go with you right after the first date. This is not necessarily a rejection, so don’t panic. Accept her wish and right after some other dates she might go home with you…


No Kissing in Public

Kissing in public is in Thailand a big No-Go. Of course, in Pattaya or Phuket you may see many girls kissing in the public, but most of them are nightclubs workers or freelancers. Traditional Thai girls do not kiss in public, especially not with a date. You could be at the bus stop, standing outside her home, or just outside the restaurant, don’t go for the kiss. In Thailand, this is a problem because public affection is rare.

Kissing a woman in public is seen as a taboo action in Thailand, so be careful. If she has accepted your invitation back to your home and you’re now in a private environment, kissing should be fine. Even if you have to wait for the second or third date to get into a private environment, it’s much better than going in for the kiss and creating an awkward situation.


Summary How to Behave with a Thai Girl in Public

Make sure you’re dressed accordingly, choose the right location, show interest in her culture, give compliments, respect her wishes, that’s it! Dating in Thailand is really easy – especially if you use Flirteezy 😉

Now get out there and find your lovely Thai girl with Flirteezy.

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