If you found your match with Flirteezy already, then we want to give you here some tips where you could go for a first date in Phuket. The island offers plenty of great options for a date with a Thai girl in Phuket. Here are some the best options.

Clubs and Bars of Bangla Road Patong

Patong is a nightlife city and many singles there, love to Party. Find your Thai date with Flirteezy and meet in one of the numerous nightclubs of Patong’s Bangla Road. There you can party and have a good time together. The ideal start for a first date full of fun…

Dating in Phuket - Bangla Road - Flirt Life Blog

Delicious Seafood Restaurants in Rawai

If you want to treat your first date in Phuket well, then head to Rawai, where many seafood restaurants are located. You can enjoy fresh seafood and Thai dishes there. Your first date will be surely impressed. The ideal way to start an evening full of fun!

Places fo a date in Phuket - Flirt Life Blog

An afternoon at the beach

Many Phuket girls like to go to the beach. Ask your first date in Phuket if you want to meet at one of the beautiful beaches of Phuket. There are also many small food stalls and bars, which are offering a great opportunity to sit and eat together. Could a first date be better!?

Freedom Beach Phuket Thailand - Flirteezy

Now you know where to go for a date in Phuket. Find your dream girl in Phuket now with Flirteezy…

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